[Potato Bacon Fried Rice Practice]_Homemade Potato Bacon Fried Rice Practice_Potato Bacon Fried Rice Practice Daquan_How to Make Potato Bacon Fried Rice

The easiest thing to ignore in cooking is the heat. When cooking potatoes and bacon fried rice, the heat is very important. Pay attention to the heat, this is definitely a successful dish.

When you are at home, you don’t have to go to a large hotel to prepare such a delicious alternative, which will also impress the guests.

1. Prepare the ingredients, 2. Heat the pan, add supplementary cooking oil, add minced onion 3, fry minced onion 4, add diced carrots, stir fry 5, add diced potatoes, stir fry 6. After the above ingredients are cooked,, Sheng Sheng, spare 7, add other (a little) cooking oil to the pan, pour in bacon, stir fry, stir-fry 8, add freshly prepared onion potatoes and carrots 9, and stir-fry, add cold rice and stir-fry, Pay attention to the rice must be broken, do not cake 10, add the so-called oyster sauce, stir fry 11, the amount of oyster sauce is added according to personal preference.

You can also add 12 without frying evenly, turn off the fire 13, install the plate 14, and simply decorate. Is it appetizing?

Have you learned this simple gourmet practice of potato bacon fried rice?

Is there a sense of accomplishment in the heart of successful cooking?

This is the happiness of taste buds.