10 places for single women to meet good men

10 places for single women to meet good men


Friends of the “matchmaker” dinner party-this is how most people meet their lifelong companions.

If you just like him unilaterally, but haven’t talked to him much, don’t be embarrassed, ask your friend to arrange a meeting for you right away.


Wedding / Funeral / Birthday Wine / Full Moon Wine / Family Party Have seen the classic “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

The Chinese traditional funeral does not seem to be suitable for romance. The wedding is absolutely fine. This year is the wedding year. Single women should keep their eyes wide open.


Workplace This is how nearly half of people meet their lifelong partner.

Men and women in the same office are often too unfamiliar and unattractive, looking far away, colleagues from different departments, branches, customers and suppliers, and all single men with working relationships.


“White-collar singles clubs”, “Red men and women”, “Dinners for 6”, “8-minute speed dating” or other similar networking organizations do not appear as blind dates directly, but provide opportunities for singles to socialize.

Even if you haven’t met the person you like, you can still make good friends. Maybe your lifelong partner will be introduced by them in the future.


Business Party Charity Evening / New Product Launch / Annual Anniversary / Gallery Reception, etc.

You can introduce yourself and exchange business cards.

Leave your phone number, Email, MSN, so he can find you.

If he didn’t meet you one Wednesday after you broke up, you can take the initiative to ask him once. If he doesn’t arrange a second time, he is not interested in you.


It is not recommended to go to the bar, especially the kind of music is so loud that you should yell.

Men who met at the bar needed to put a question mark. According to statistics, only 1% got married after they met at the bar.


Go to class, charge for a certificate, or just for hobbies.

Your classmates have at least a similar background and interests as you, are of similar age, and have a high percentage of like-minded people.


Examples of network successes and failures have been heard a lot.


There are the most plots in Japanese and Korean dramas on the street, which are rare in real life. Only a girlfriend around him encountered an Italian man on the road in court in Thailand.

Later married, the child was suspected.


Blind date If you have no ability / courage / time to try the above 9 kinds, then this is the only way left.

Blind dates are not embarrassing. If you have blind dates every week, it’s really fragrant. Don’t be dazzled.

Teach you to make health sandwiches

Teach you to make health sandwiches

Materials: Two slices of whole wheat toast, alfalfa sprouts, half a large tomato, half a kiwi, half a green apple, one ham, one egg, and one salty high-calcium cheese.

  Production method: big tomato, kiwi, green apple slices, alfalfa sprouts and wash.

Heat the highest oil in the pan (non-stick pan can be left), fry the poached eggs first, and then use the remaining oil to fry the ham.

Put tomato slices, kiwi slices, green apple slices, poached eggs, cheese slices, and ham on a piece of toast.

Cover it with another slice of toast and you’re done.

With a glass of milk or yogurt, a nutritious breakfast.

Practice yoga morning and evening to build temperament and beauty

Practice yoga morning and evening to build temperament and beauty

Yoga is a good choice for slimming and shaping, especially for women. It can also develop temperament, both temperament and slimming.

Today I will tell you that the yogi is divided into morning and evening, and practicing yoga sooner or later can get different results!

Just a little, it ‘s better to act and practice together!

  You may be wondering, isn’t yoga just wondering?

So how is morning yoga different from evening yoga?

Xiao Bian will take you to practice immediately!

  Morning Yoga: Be an “Energetic” Superman: After getting up in the morning, you are too lazy to stretch your waist and take a deep breath. It feels great. If you have time, you can do a few yoga moves to maintain a wholeThe sky is full of vitality and peace of mind. If you can persevere and do it every day, you can definitely become a young and healthy “vigor” superman.

  Preliminary: Wake up muscles for two days and three minutes of deep breathing.

When inhaled, contract the abdomen.

There is a feeling that the nasal breath is brought to the spine when the fracture is exhaled.

Fracture of the body: During the preparation for exercise, it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles.

Benefits to the spirit: A state of calm and tranquility can be obtained.

  Step 2: Increase self-confidence. Lie flat on your bed, put your feet together, your toes forward, straight forward, and keep your distance to the shoulder.

The elbow is straight along the humerus along the fingertips; the legs are sunken along the toes.

Hold for 10 seconds per second and breathe normally.

Arthritis to the body: stimulates circulation and breathing, creating elegant postures.

Spiritual benefits: Increase self-confidence and build a sense of inner strength.

  Step 3: Increase alertness. Lie flat on the bed, put your legs together, stretch to both sides, bend your right leg, and insert it on your left leg.

Turn your head and look at your right arm.

Hold for about 10 minutes.

Then change direction and do it again.

Fractures of the body: tibia, chest and neck, stimulate digestion.

Benefits to the spirit: live nervous system and increase alertness.

  Step 4: Increase your attention. Lie on your back with your hands on your back, palms facing each other.

Reach over your head, keeping your palms facing each other.

Bend your right leg, with one foot against your left leg.

Do this for 10 seconds.

Fractures on the body: fracture healing, fractures and fractures.

On Mental Arthritis: Establish a calm, positive appearance and increase attention.

  Evening Yoga: Bringing you a good night’s dream may be a social factor or a human factor. Do not doubt, the number of people waiting painfully in the long night is constantly increasing.

As a result, sleeping pills are getting more and more popular. Although sleeping pills can achieve a certain effect on falling asleep, it is a kind of “medicine” after all.

  If you want to throw away the sleeping pills, you can choose to practice yoga, which can make you physically and mentally and emotionally harmonious, and effectively release mental stress and energy, how about it, the heart is the following is convenientThree ways to practice at night don’t prevent you from trying to do it before you go to bed.

  Cat and cow style: Short and wide with shoulder width, palms facing the floor.

Open your knees to the same width as your hips, and insert the back flat.

Close your eyes, inhale, arch your back, raise your head, chin towards the roof.

Exhale, chin down to the top, arching the top.

  Leg extensions: Sit quietly on the floor with your legs forward.

Relax the focus, straighten the spine, inhale, and then exhale, extending forward from the arm, to the toe size.Relax the spine and chest.

  Respiratory therapy: Sitting on a chair or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, your spine straight.

Hold down your right nostril with your thumb.

Breathe through the left nostril for 1 to 2 minutes to relax. According to the scientific principles of yoga, the temperature of the air flowing in the left nostril will become cool, very comfortable and refreshing, while the right one will warm up and sleep with the body and become the leftBreathing in the nostrils.

True story: the safest exfoliating method in autumn and winter


True story: the safest exfoliating method in autumn and winter

The temperature drops sharply in autumn and winter, and the humidity in the air decreases instantly, but the skin cannot adapt to the change of this situation quickly, the secretion of sebum is reduced, the skin becomes dry, and exfoliation is an important substitute for skin care.But how to make the dead skin not hurt the skin, let ‘s learn it together. First of all, MMs need to be clear that the growth period of the skin is 28 days. Therefore, in the 28 days, our stratum corneum will metabolize aging cells.When you clean up these cells, they will accumulate on the epidermis, what we call dead skin.

Therefore, not exfoliating will affect skin metabolism, and more exfoliating will also damage skin health.

  Exfoliation is generally physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation.

The physical method mainly refers to the use of scrub particles to remove dead skin. The advantage of this method is that it can clean the dead skin more thoroughly, but at the same time it is irritating to the skin and is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Chemical exfoliation generally uses an exfoliating cream to soften the cuticle and then remove it by rubbing. This method is relatively less irritating, but it is not suitable for MM with thin stratum corneum.

Another method to remove dead skin is to use natural ingredients to remove dead skin. The tools used in this method are mostly natural ingredients, which have little irritation to the skin, and the effect is often good. It is recommended to remove dead skin.Yes, I will focus on it today.

  1. Tomatoes are peeled. Tomatoes are a good product for peeling. The method is very simple: first peel the tomatoes and then mash them into a sauce.

Take a small piece of cotton pad and dip it in the sauce. Gently rub it on the abdomen. After rubbing about 5-10 times, put the cotton pad on the face and remove it after 15 minutes.

After washing with warm water, you will find that the face is white and tender, and the dead skin is gone.

  2, egg film peeled egg film is also a powerful assistant for peeling.

When we scrambled eggs, carefully remove the egg film, and then affix it to the face where the skin needs to be peeled. When the egg film is dry, gently expose it, and you will find that your face is much softer than before.

In addition to removing dead skin, the egg film can also effectively tighten the skin and prevent the growth of wrinkles.

However, this method is more suitable for elderly women with slower metabolism. Because this method does not remove dead skin thoroughly, it is recommended because it is mild and can remove wrinkles.

  3, white vinegar peeling this method is not suitable for sensitive skin MM, but for oily skin MM will be better.

The specific method is to first take half a spoonful of rice vinegar, and then mix it with half a liter of water thoroughly. Use a cotton ball to dip the mixture, and wipe it gently on the face. After about 10 wipes, wash it with warm water.

This method mainly uses the weak corrosiveness of acetic acid to remove dead skin, so it can remove dead skin more thoroughly, but it may cause alternative irritation to the skin.

How to get rid of mental fatigue for college entrance exam candidates

How to get rid of mental fatigue for college entrance exam candidates

At present, senior high school graduates across the country are in the pre-test sprint stage. These students feel pressured to varying degrees during the intensive review. Nearly half of the students will feel powerless and show physical fatigue.

  The so-called psychological fatigue refers to the psychological phenomenon caused by the depression of the cerebral cortex caused by psychological factors.

The reason why psychological fatigue occurs is basically the intervention of some rhythmic movement laws of human physical strength, intelligence and emotion.

When the three rhythms have a trough of exercise, one has physical or psychological fatigue.

  How to eliminate psychological fatigue? First of all, it is necessary to treat public opinion correctly, clarify the goals of struggle, and stimulate self-confidence.

Students should decompose their individual struggling goals according to their actual situation, motivate themselves with small achievements, so as to enhance learning interest, restore self-confidence, use scientific review methods, and improve learning efficiency.

Get rid of physical fatigue in a pleasant situation and learn each course well.

It is necessary to improve nutrition, ensure sleep, properly carry out cultural and sports activities, and achieve a combination of work and rest.

  Students who are introverted, lack self-confidence, alienate the collective, and ignore interpersonal communication are prone to depression and psychological fatigue when encountering difficulties.

Therefore, in the daily learning life, we must strive to be “victoryless”, “defeated”, understand “failure is the mother of success”, and cultivate a strong will and tenacity.

Form a cheerful, confident, enthusiastic and helpful personality, actively care about and participate in class collective activities, and establish a harmonious relationship between teachers and students.And a healthy mind to meet the challenge of the college entrance examination.

Calcium supplementation is the top priority of health care. Have you ever done these wrong calcium supplement methods?

Calcium supplementation is the top priority of health care. Have you ever done these wrong calcium supplement methods?

Calcium supplementation is the top priority of health care, and many people attach great importance to it.

However, when supplementing calcium, many people will surround some old ideas of calcium supplementation, especially the following unreliable methods. Let’s see how many misunderstandings you have.

1, drink soy milk calcium, many soy products do contain a lot of calcium, the effect of calcium is indeed very good, but once the soybeans are ground into soy milk, the calcium content is basically negligible, so rely on drinking soy milk to calciumIt does not work at all.

2, bone soup calcium supplement Many people talk about calcium supplementation, the first reaction is to drink bone soup, but in fact, once the bones are continuously cooked, the calcium will dissolve in the soup, the reason why the color of the soup is white, thisIt is because the protein extracts are split, and the calcium content is small.

3, eating milk tablets in the market for propaganda, said that eating a piece of milk is equivalent to drinking a bottle of milk, but the calcium content of the milk tablets is minimal, and there are many additives in the milk tablets, relying on milk tablets isCan’t make up for calcium.

If you want to make calcium, you must learn these four tricks to ensure that the effect of calcium supplements is more effective!

The trick one: nothing more to move to want calcium, the best way is to move more activities legs, especially when the sun is good, to go outdoors, so that the body can better absorb calcium, help the bodyThe synthesis of vitamins helps the absorption of calcium.

Trick 2: Cooking vinegar to make up calcium, as long as you put some vinegar in the cooking.

This is because acetic acid in vinegar can dissolve calcium acetate, help to increase the calcium ion content in the dish, so that it can help the body absorb calcium while eating vegetables. Why not?

Trick 3: A long-term high-salt diet with a light diet will lead to an imbalance of acid and alkali in the body, so that salt will take away the calcium in the body, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Therefore, the usual light diet is beneficial to help the body to supplement calcium.

Trick 4: Eat calcium tablets before going to bed to eat calcium tablets can help calcium, but pay attention to the time to eat calcium tablets, the best absorption rate after meals and bedtime, so eat calcium tablets in this periodIt is the most direct way to supplement calcium.

If you want to make calcium, you can also eat more foods with high calcium content such as sesame sauce, shrimp skin, soy products, etc., and then cooperate with these few tricks, so as to help the body to help calcium, so that everyone does not hinder the test!

Some household appliances pregnant women should avoid

Some household appliances pregnant women should avoid

The effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body that some pregnant women do not have to walk away from are difficult to scientifically and meticulously prove, because a variety of different environmental factors act on the human body, and it is difficult to conduct long-term tracking investigations.

  Whether or not the electromagnetic waves generated by various household appliances can cause brain cancer, leukemia, deformed children, abortion and other consequences, although some people have objections, some experts believe this is a fact.

And a large number of survey reports show that women are particularly sensitive, especially pregnant women.

So is there some kind of “danger” in household appliances?

  Microwave oven microwaves have a strong thermal effect. Microwave ovens take advantage of this feature of microwave ovens.

It vibrates and heats the water molecules inside the food in a short time to achieve heating and cooking purposes.

Therefore it generates strong electromagnetic waves.

The research team of Yanqing University showed that the minimum magnetic field strength 15cm away from the oven is 100MG, and the highest is 300MG.

Now we know that the magnetic field of the microwave oven is the strongest among all household appliances.

Electromagnetic waves from microwave ovens can cause cataracts and cause brain abnormalities.

According to research, microwaves will reduce fertility.

  Electric Mattresses Electric mattresses are typical products that have been in close contact with the body for a long time in electrical products.

Medical investigations have shown that electric mattresses come into direct contact with the skin, and that resting cells are exposed to electromagnetic waves, which can cause health disorders.

The magnetic field strength at a few centimeters from the electric mattress is as high as 20-50MG, and its electromagnetic strength also reaches nearly 2KVM, while the electromagnetic strength under the 50V high-voltage wire is 3KVM.

Strong static electricity makes some people feel uncomfortable after sleeping, especially pregnant women, it is best to prohibit the use of electric mattresses.

According to a 1986 report, pregnant women who use electric mattresses have a higher rate of miscarriages and abnormal births than pregnant women who do not use electric mattresses.

  Television sets The electromagnetic waves generated by televisions are similar to those generated by terminal displays.

Long-term exposure to the electromagnetic waves of the terminal display or television can cause symptoms such as eyeball pain and fatigue, which can lead to abortion, stillbirth, and birth of deformed fetuses.

We call this terminal syndrome.

  With the development of electronic technology and the increasingly widespread application of computers, more and more people need to operate and manage computers. They deal with computers all day, especially with food terminals. The frequency of contact is high and the operation time is long.

The Beijing Institute of Labor Protection Science and a certain system medical engineering research institute in China have carried out actual measurements of computer radiation from relevant departments several times.

The results show that the high and binary parts of the computer exceed the standard, which is generally several times to tens of times, and up to 45 times.

  Attachment: The electromagnetic radiation data of a series of household appliances appended to the annual report of the United States Congress ‘s Technical Evaluation Agency: washing machine 1-20 mGauss (50 cm) TV 20-40 mGas (1 m) electric blanket 20-100 mGaussCm) Hair dryer 100-1000 mGauss (10 cm) Oven (back) 2000 mGas (10 cm) Electric shaver 200-1000 mGas (10 cm)

The beginning of children’s communication

The beginning of children’s communication

When children want to be adults, it seems to be good for them to get along with other children who have the same thoughts.

Once their small organization is established, they will try their best to overcome outsiders or tease outsiders, thus making them feel lost.

For adults, this seems arrogant and cruel, but it is because we are used to using more sophisticated methods to express our objections, and children just organize their collective life by intuition.

This is a driving force for the smooth development of our civilization.

  To make the child sociable, the popular person should cultivate the child’s communicative ability and become his flatterer.

Here’s what you should do in the first place: Don’t always count your children in the first few years after they are born; from the age of 1, you should give them more contact with children of the same age; give them the freedom to develop independence;You may not change your home or school; let your child interact with other neighbours as soon as possible, and let him be the same as other ordinary children in dressing, talking, playing, pocket money, and other privileges.

Of course, I’m not asking them to emulate the worst bad boy in the region.

Parents don’t need to take some of their children’s words seriously, somehow, what other children’s children can do and so on.

  Whether an adult can normally interact with others at work, in the family and in the society, and to some extent, how he got along with other children in his childhood.

Even if children have poor English grades or bad attitudes in the middle of childhood, as long as parents demand high standards of their children and educate them with lofty ideals at home, they will form part of their personality and will show up in the future.

If parents are dissatisfied with their neighbors and their children’s partners, and create a feeling for their children, as if their children are different from them, and their children are not allowed to make friends with them, then when their children grow upIt is difficult to get along with anyone.

In this way, their high standards are meaningless to society and themselves.

  If boys are having trouble making friends, then the most helpful way is to let them learn in schools or classes with flexible syllabus.

In this way, the teacher can properly arrange the teaching, and the brakes give the child the opportunity to use his ability to contribute to the class.

This makes other children appreciate his excellent qualities and start to like him.

An excellent teacher respected by the whole class will also praise the child in the class to increase the popularity of the child in the class.

If the teacher can arrange him to sit with a very popular student, or let him go with the student to do something near the school during the activity, then the child will make greater progress.

  There are many ways parents can help their children interact with others at home.

For example, when children bring friends to play at home, parents should show a kind and friendly attitude.

  Encourage your children to invite other children to dinner at home and make them what they consider “advanced” meals.

When arranging weekend trips, borders, excursions, movies and other performances at home, you can invite a child whom your child likes to go with.

However, this child does not have to be a friend that the parents think should be made.

A child, like an adult, has a profitable side, so it is easier to see the advantages of the person who invited him.

  Parents certainly don’t want their children to have the fame of “buying” them with money, because this won’t last long.

All the parents need to do is take effective measures to provide their child with an opportunity to join a small group that has once turned them away because of small groupism.

In this way, if the child has excellent qualities, he will seize this opportunity to quickly establish a true friendship with his associates.

Top ten NG in health


Top ten NG in health

The health care taboos that can’t be committed are the health care taboos. Once these taboos are touched, our physical health will be affected, especially for Chinese medicine health care.

Maybe many people don’t know enough about the taboos in TCM health, so it doesn’t prevent our TCM experts to introduce some common knowledge about TCM health, let us avoid entering the taboos of TCM health!


Avoid getting up early.

“Head” does not wear a hat.

The morning is the time when the yang is born. At this time, the yang is like a sapling. Although the growth momentum is very strong, it is very weak, and it is easy to be attacked by cold evil.

Yang Qi’s characteristic is to walk upwards, so from the perspective of the human body, the right side is where Yang Qi converges. If you go out in the morning without paying attention to head warmth, it is easy for cold evil to enter the brain and cause disease.


Avoid vulvar coldness.

To maintain a healthy body, yang must be strong, and yang is afraid of being attacked by evil.

If a room cannot be exposed to sunlight, it will have a heavy yin, the temperature will drop, and cold evil will easily invade the body surface, and even cause some disease from the surface.

Of course, for modern people living in buildings, it is difficult to ensure that each house has sunshine. At this time, heating or air conditioning needs to be transferred to maintain the room temperature.


Avoid sitting in wet places.

Some people do not understand the cause of the disease. They think that the body has skin protection, and the skin is impermeable to water. How can external moisture affect the body and cause disease?

Of course, real moisture cannot directly enter the body, but the body’s air and the outside air are mutually inductive. The external humidity is a kind of stagnant gas. When it is sensed into the body, the body’s air-conditioner also runs slowly, thus in the bodyGenerate wet evil.

So avoid staying too long in the previous environment.


Avoid cold sweats.

Under extreme high temperature conditions, clothes will immediately become wet when sweating. At this time, the skin’s pores are open, and the ability to resist external evils is reduced.

Therefore, after sweating, you should dry the sweat in time and change dry clothes.


Avoid hot clothes.

Xu Wenyi thinks that the long-sleeved clothes are hot and poisonous, and it is not appropriate to immediately upper body.

This may be exaggerated. After the clothes are dry, there is even a certain degree of heat, which will not cause any harm to your health.

Of course, if you have a fever that has not healed, you may need to take care to avoid wearing fresh or baked clothes.


Avoid sweating out the wind.

This should also be viewed flexibly. If it is three volt days, the body is sweating all the time, it is normal to take a fan to cool the wind.

The anti-sweating fan fan here means that the high temperature is not too high. When sweating because of exercise, do not fan the cold and fan, or drink cold drinks immediately.

Although the fan wind is very comfortable, the wind is the chief of all evils, and it has inadvertently struck the body with cold or wet evil.


Don’t sleep with lights and candles.

Some people like to sleep with the lights on, which is not good either.

Because the nature of light is yang, people need yang to sleep when they sleep. If there is light, it will make it difficult for yang to dive into yin, which will easily lead to uneasiness and affect sleep quality.


Don’t worry about sex.

During the day, the strongest day of yang is during the day, but the first birth of yang is at midnight (23:00?
1:00).At this time, Yang Qi has just sprouted and is very delicate. If you intercourse without taking care of one another, which will cause this immature sun to go out, the Yang Qi will not be flooded the next day and you will become tired easily.


Avoid summer moon cold water wipe the mat, winter moon hot clothes.

These two habits may not be so harmful, and few people are sleeping now, but this article still has practical significance, that is, it can not be a moment of happiness and violates the seasonal law.

Don’t be greedy in summer. Turn the air conditioner temperature too low, which can lead to insufficient sweating, and the ventilator cannot be fully turned on. In winter, you can’t be greedy, too much heat, which can lead to excessive sweating and leakage of fine gas.


Don’t watch the play.

This one is to persuade us to pay attention.

There are so many entertainment programs on the TV network now, we ca n’t be overly indulged in this, because when watching the program, our spirit will unknowingly follow it, and we will no longer pay attention to our internal feelings.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the mind is the “monarch’s official”. If the monarch chases the seductive dogs and horses all day long, he will not be able to perceive the people’s feelings well, and he will not be able to perceive the imbalance of the body at any time.

Therefore, entertainment should be moderate, avoiding long-term listening and sadness.

  TCM health has always been an important way to protect our health in our lives, but for these taboo problems in TCM health, we need to learn to use it, eliminate these bad health habits in our lives, and build healthy work in our health life!



Manufacturer: Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint-stock joint venture with McDonald’s fast food and real estate development. It has more than 5,000 employees. It is a Beijing holding company successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 1997.One of the member companies of the limited company.

Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. was reorganized from Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. It is based on the original shareholders Beijing Holding Co., Ltd. and Beijing Agricultural Industry and Commerce Corporation, and has absorbed four companies including Beijing Yanjing Beer Co., Ltd.Company limited by new shareholders.

The company has a total share capital of 485 million shares and total assets of 1.3 billion yuan.

  Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. has a 45-year history of dairy processing. Its products include fresh milk series, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk series, yogurt series, fresh milk bags, milk powder series, Beijing cheese and various types of milk.Beverages, cold food, palace dairy products and more than a hundred varieties; owns “Sanyuan”, “Yanshan”, “Green Bird”, “Xue Ning” and other famous trademarks; sales network covers Beijing’s urban areas, suburban counties and Shanghai, Shenzhen,Fuzhou, Tianjin, Taiyuan and other 50 provinces and cities; four major bases of liquid milk, fermented milk, solid milk, and scientific research and training centers have been established in line with international standards and are leading domestically.

The company processes more than 1,000 tons of fresh milk per day.

  Sanyuan infant formula is made from natural fresh milk.

Trace protein, trace, impurities, multivitamins and minerals, spray-dried using the most advanced equipment.