[How about eating flour rice]

[How about eating flour rice]

Coarse rice is a relatively common coarse grain in daily life. Not only must a large amount of rice protamine be used, but also a large amount of supplementary fiber, which has the effect of improving the immunity of the human body, so many people especially like to consume it.

In fact, occasionally eating micro rice is good for the human body, but if you eat three meals a day, it will gradually bring a serious burden to the body, which is mainly caused by its high content of a large number of inorganic oxides and phytic acid.

1. Inorganic arsenic impurities contained in rice bran residue are common in nature. Impurities are contained in soil and water, but the content of impurities in different water quality and soil is high or low.

And rice is a kind of crop that is easy to be enriched with crystals. Therefore, people who use rice as their staple food have more impurities in their bodies than people who eat pasta.

After research, it is found that saliva in rice mainly exists on the surface of rice bran, and the impurity content in milled rice from different places is slightly different. Generally, it is several times or even dozens of times higher than polished rice. Therefore, eating a small amount of rice will replace itExtreme risks, so eating too much food rice has potential adverse effects on human health.

There are enough epidemiological survey data to show that diabetes is carcinogenic to the human body and may cause skin cancer, rectal cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer and so on.

Therefore, the risk has been identified as a human carcinogen by the International Cancer Society.

As a certain carcinogen, for the human body, there is no upper limit for safety, but the lower the better, the fact is that this does not mean that the existence of the body itself will definitely get cancer.

Although the vitamins, minerals, and fiber supplements in micron rice have a positive effect on health, especially for hyperlipidemia and obesity, the risks of rice bran itself cannot be ignored.

2. Rice bran contains phytic acid. Phytic acid can be combined with many minerals to form phytate, so it will hinder the absorption of minerals by the human body. Eating too much rice will cause the human body to lack a variety of minerals and trace elements.

In addition, rice bran contains high crude fiber, so the taste is poor, and the promotion of pure rice cannot be accepted by most people who have improved their lives.

In summary, the author recommends that those with excess nutrition can eat some coarse rice every day, but not more than 10% of the amount of polished rice.

[How to make stir-fried cauliflower]_Recommended diet

[How to make stir-fried cauliflower]_Recommended diet

The stir-fried cauliflower has a light flavor. You can taste the taste of the cauliflower itself. It is delicious and rich in nutritional value. It is especially convenient for friends who ca n’t eat spicy and stimulating food.

Next, I will share the specific steps and precautions for how to make stir-fried cauliflower.

Since it is stir-fried cauliflower, it doesn’t need too many ingredients.

Handle cauliflower first. When buying cauliflower, we often find a lot of dirt attached to the surface of the cauliflower. If it is just washed with cold water, it is not easy to clean it.

Therefore, after cauliflower is broken into small pieces, it is best to soak it in salt water for about 10 minutes, remove it and rinse it several times.

Then, prepare some ingredients. Sometimes, it is common to wash the onions and ginger and chop them.

In addition to the necessary seasonings, you can actually add a suitable amount of other ingredients, for example, peel and wash carrots and cut into thin slices.

Soak the fungus in hot water until it becomes soft and remove it.

These are made according to their own preferences.

Finally, add oil to the pot, and when the oil is hot, put the prepared shallots and ginger into the pan.

Then add carrots, fungus, cauliflower, etc. and stir fry. If the pot is too dry, you can pour in tandem water. After the sauce is cooked, add salt and monosodium glutamate, stir well, and serve.

If you want to make the vegetable juice thick, you can add starch juice.

The above is the specific method of frying cauliflower. Although the seasoning is reduced, many different ingredients can be added, which can also enrich the nutritional value of the entire dish, and increase its color and lust, which makes it easy to look appetite.

Because of this, the ingredients are simple and the method is simple. You can try it at home and act quickly!

[How to make crispy belly]_How to do_Methods Daquan

[How to make crispy belly]_How to do_Methods Daquan

Foods such as hot pot have been brought to the table and are very popular in life. The most common dry pot crispy belly in dry pot food, the main ingredients selected are pork belly, various vegetables, plus a small amount of hairBelly, the aftertaste is crispy, because it is a dry pot, it has a kind of tender and tender texture, and the sauce is rich. It is very good to eat with rice, so everyone can learn this kind of cuisine.

Tujia dry pot crispy ingredients: 100 grams of wild amaranth, 50 grams of pork belly.

Seasoning garlic seedlings, 10 grams each of onion, 15 grams of red pepper, ginger, garlic slices, 5 grams of dried pepper, 6 grams of balsamic vinegar, 5 grams of chicken essence, 10 grams of red oil and shallot oil, 3 grams of old soy sauce,Raw soy sauce, 5 grams each of sesame oil, 4 grams of thirteen incense, and 15 grams of lard.

Method 1: Cut 2 cm thick slices of pork belly, diced red chilli pepper, change the onion to a wire, and change the garlic seedlings to a horseshoe.

2. Heat the pan, add lard to 50% heat, stir in ginger, garlic slices and stir-fry, add pork belly slices, stir-fry, stir-fry in old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, vinaigrette, add pepper, redHang the peppers and stir-fry, add the dried amaranth and stir-fry evenly, add chicken essence, garlic sprouts, thirteen incense, and drizzle with red oil.

3. Finally, pour the onion oil in the pan, fill the dry pan with onion shreds, and drizzle the sesame oil on the table.

The flavor is dry and crisp, and the aftertaste is long.

The key is not to fry for a long time when frying the wok. Properly drip a little water to ensure that the mangosteen is not soft.

Laoganma Spicy and Crispy Belly Ingredients: half fresh pork belly, half onion, 1 tablespoon of Laoganma tempeh sauce, salt, soy sauce, starch, oil, chicken essence, and coriander.

Cut the pork belly into shreds and use salt, soy sauce, starch, and a small amount of oil to grasp it for 10 minutes;

2. Shred the onion;

4. The belly shreds under the hot pot are fried quickly, and the belly shreds are rolled up and rushed out;

Add the remaining oil to the old lady and stir-fry, stir-fry the onion shreds, stir in the shreds and stir-fry the chicken essence.

Decorated with coriander?
Tip 1: Fresh pork belly can be cleaned quickly by rubbing it with salt and white vinegar. 2. The belly should be crispy and can’t be fried for a long time.Out, otherwise they will not chew if they are fried; 3, delicious and delicious, creak?

Space 21: The leader in high-speed commercial satellite remote sensing big data services

Space 21: The leader in high-speed commercial satellite remote sensing big data services

Investment Highlights: The company is a leader in domestic commercial satellite remote control services, focusing on commercial satellite remote control big data services and solutions.

The company’s satellite remote sensing data and service products are mainly used for government departments, scientific research institutes and public institutions to conduct ground observation and information collection.

The company specializes in commercial remote sensing satellite operation, data acquisition, processing and solution provision. Currently it has “Beijing 2” series of 3 reverse satellites in orbit. Satellite manufacturing and launching are completed by many professional manufacturers.

The company is a leader in domestic commercial satellite remote sensing data services. Since its establishment, it has participated in a number of scientific research projects jointly supported by the “10th Five-Year Plan”, the National 863 Plan and Beijing, and then invested in the construction of the “Beijing 1” remote sensing small satellite system., And it is the first in China to provide commercial satellite remote sensing data services.

The company’s operating income has grown rapidly, with a stable customer structure and strong profitability.

The company is located in a high-speed growth period, with a compound growth rate of 45 in the past two years.


The company’s gross profit margin has declined slightly in recent years, but is still at a relatively high level, with a gross profit margin of 53 in the past two years.

16% / 54.

34%. The slight decrease in gross profit margin was mainly due to the completion of the company’s own reflection satellite constellation “Beijing 2” and its depreciation.

The company is extremely well-known in research and development. The proportion of research and development expenditure in the past three years has remained at about 10%, and the compound growth rate of research and development investment in the past three years has reached 41.

73%, accounting for 10% of revenue.

77%, 9.

41%, 10.

26%, the absolute amount of research and development costs continues to increase and the proportion is stable.

The company’s overall net interest rate is relatively high, at 11 in the past two years.

93%, 10.

02%, reflecting the overall profitability of the product, as well as cost and expense control ability indicators.

The company’s commercial satellites have their own and independent operation and control capabilities, and they have covered the entire industrial chain of satellite data services.

The company is ahead of its competitors in satellite development and autonomous operation control, and has the ability to acquire, process, analyze and apply satellite reverse data.

The company is a leader in satellite remote sensing data acquisition and processing. The company’s “Beijing 2” constellation includes 3-star sub-meter full-color satellites that 杭州桑拿 transform 4 meters of multi-spectral resolution satellites. It has the ability to revisit any place in the world for 1-2 days.The level of measurement and control technology has reached the international advanced level of the same kind, and it is currently the only commercial inverted satellite constellation planned by the national civil space infrastructure in China.

At the same time, the company successively conquered key technologies such as cloud-free screening of stored data on the satellite, satellite intelligent observation, rapid surface change, and dynamic monitoring, laying the foundation for the subsequent participation in major projects such as “Digital China”, “Belt and Road”, and smart cities.

It is recommended to use PE or PEG estimation.

According to the “Rules for the Examination and Listing of Stocks 深圳桑拿网 of the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange” issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the listing standard chosen by the issuer is “the estimated market value is not less than RMB 1 billion.The profit is not less than RMB 50 million, or the expected market value is not less than RMB 1 billion. The net profit in the latest year is positive and the operating income is not less than RMB 100 million.

“risk warning.

The growth rate of the satellite remote sensing service market is accelerating; the lifetime of its own satellites is less than expected, leading to the risk of missing orbiting satellites.

Emerging Equipment (002933) Annual Report Comment: Fist Product Advantages Obvious

Emerging Equipment (002933) Annual Report Comment: Fist Product Advantages Obvious

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report. From January to December 2018, the company achieved operating income of 37,842.

590,000 yuan, an increase of 23 over the same period last year.

42%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 14,133.

140,000 yuan, an increase of 21 over 重庆耍耍网 the same period last year.

25%; realize profit 1.

45 yuan, an annual increase of 9.


The profit distribution plan is 4 for every 10 shares.

8 yuan (including tax).

  Fist products have obvious advantages, driving steady growth in performance.

The company focuses on the research and development and production of helicopter servo drive technology, advanced transmission technology and video processing technology. It has formed a multi-level product structure with airborne suspension / launch device products as its core, and has profound experience in helicopter airborne equipment.Technology accumulation and obvious first-mover advantage.

Among them, the rack and turret follow-up system of a certain type of armed helicopter has been installed and mass-produced, as well as buoy dropping devices, radar antenna retracting devices and electric hoisting winches.

In 无锡夜网 2018, the company’s airborne suspension / launch device products achieved operating income of 32,133.

710,000 yuan, an increase of 42 over the same period last year.

04%, accounting for 73% of total operating income from last year.

78% increased to 84.

91% is the main engine driving the company’s performance growth.

  Increased investment in research and development, and remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation.

In 2018, the company invested 6,235 in research and development.

180,000 yuan, an increase of 54 over the same period last year.


The report is connected in series. The company has completed the establishment of multiple projects such as electric traction winches, aviation brushless DC start-up power generation systems, mixed-excitation brushless AC start-up power generation systems, and many other products.Tests and related technical verifications; integrated linear servos, redundant rotary servos, brushless DC generators, landing gear retractable devices, front wheel operating system development and joint testing were carried out in the air field, and the products basically covered the currentThe field of all-electric operation of mainstream drones.

The development of these new projects and new products has laid the necessary foundation for the company’s long-term development.

  Profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 2.

1 billion yuan, 2.

6.2 billion, 3.

20 trillion, EPS is 1.

79 yuan, 2.

24 yuan, 2.

73 yuan, corresponding to PE is 29 times, 23 times, 19 times, giving a “buy” rating.

This year’s hottest ETF product: technology leader ETF averages 5 billion daily transactions

This year’s hottest ETF product: technology leader ETF averages 5 billion daily transactions

Source: Wiki Secret Original title: Shouting unexpectedly!

The hottest ETF this year turned out to be...  Smart funds are chasing the only ETF product in the market that tracks the CSI Technology Leader Index-the technology leader ETF (515000).

  On August 16th, the technology leader ETF was officially listed, and the scale was doubled in three trading days. It became an ETF with a doubled scale in history. The latest technology leader ETF is close to US $ 2.4 billion, ranking among the first-line industry / themed ETFs.
  On September 2, the technology leader ETF closed at 1.

125 yuan, lower than the listed low (1.

019 yuan) rose by 10.


  01, the average daily transaction data of 500 million secondary market transactions, objectively recorded the popularity of technology leader ETF (515000).

  According to Wind data, as of August 29, in just 10 trading days after the listing of the leading technology ETF, the total turnover has exceeded 5 billion yuan, and the average daily turnover is as high as 5.

08 trillion, ranking first in the average daily turnover of all theme / industry ETFs in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

  Moreover, it can be compared to the mainstream top ten billion-level wide-band ETFs such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50, ChiNext, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300.

  In a way, because of this far-leading liquidity (average daily turnover), 天津夜网 the technology leader ETF has already won at the starting line.

  Liquidity has been considered one of the most important indicators of ETFs.

The same ETF, with the lowest turnover, will be more sought after.

Because investors from different perspectives can smoothly realize their own operations, people who are long-term are likely to buy, and those who are short-term can sell.

  And in the last two trading days (that is, two weeks after the listing), the trading volume of the leading technology ETF has remained high, at 5 respectively.

23 yuan and 4.

2.5 billion.

  (Transaction ranking on September 2nd, Source Ideas) The latest data show that the size of the technology leader ETF is close to $ 2.4 billion, and the transformation technology leader ETF connection fund (A allocation code 873873, share code 007874) was on September 3With the release of daily subscriptions, the scale and daily turnover of leading technology ETFs may further expand.

  02, The historical returns of the tracking index are surprisingly accompanied by hot trading. It is the rising net value and price of the leading technology ETF (515000).

As of September 2, investors who bought the fund and held it so far have made money.

  What’s more worth mentioning is that it tracks the historical performance of the index, spikes the blue chip, GEM and other indexes.

  As of August 29, 2019, the underlying index of the technology leader ETF, the CSI Technology Leadership Index, has increased by as much as 45 during the year.

50%, the range rose more than 26 of the 28 first-tier industries in the same period!

  Pulling the far end, the excess return of the CSI Technology Leading Index is more obvious.

  The CSI Leading Index is based on June 29, 2012, and from July 1, 2012 to August 29, 2019, the cumulative return of the CSI Leading Index is 195.

95%, relative to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, the GEM 50 index and the GEM index of the gradual excess return were 141.

98%, 109.

26%, 72.


  It is understood that the CSI Leading Index Strategy screens the top 50 leading stocks with the best growth and scale effects in the four major technology sectors of the A-share computer, pharmaceutical, communications, and electronics industries. By selecting leading stocks in various industries, it takes the lead in a certain scale.Choosing the best to achieve stronger industry expectations.

  03, the ETF’s new camp time is set back in July. Under the difficult environment for other equity funds to issue, can anyone think that the technology leader ETF took only 12 days and 15,000 people participated and raised 10 billion?

Who can think of it, the scale of the transaction doubled in three days, and the average daily turnover ranked first in the two cities’ theme / industry ETFs?

  Obviously, this trend that started in 2018 is still continuing. Compared with active equity funds that have been shrinking, ETFs continue to be favored and are recognized and accepted by more and more investors.

  The difference is that the iconic event of the ETF in 2018 is the rapid development of the broad-based ETF represented by the GEM 50ETF, especially the GEM 50ETF showing a geometric explosion. And this year’s iconic product may be a technology leader ETF.Only the newly established industry ETF has exceeded expectations from the issue to the listing to the transaction value.

  Under the broad-based ETF’s first-mover advantage, the mining of industry / themed ETFs has become a rich mine that may bring more than expected, and it is also a new outlet for fund company competition.

  For example, Huabao Fund focuses on starting from the industry-themed ETF matrix, and has formed a number of industry ETF funds such as brokerage ETFs, bank ETFs, military industry ETFs, medical ETFs, and technology leading ETFs, and also formed corresponding linked funds.

Intermittent sexual intercourse is harmful and unhelpful

Intermittent sexual intercourse is harmful and unhelpful

Some people resist the ejaculation during their sexual life, and they think that doing so will help extend their life.

This kind of thinking is often related to the idea of “a drop of semen and ten drops of blood.”

  Sexual intercourse does not ejaculate, which refers to the strong erection of the penis during sexual intercourse, but suddenly stops sexual intercourse before reorganization of sexual desire or ejaculation, in order to prevent semen from being shot outside the body.

This kind of sexual intercourse is called “intermittent sexual intercourse.”

The causes of intermittent sexual intercourse vary from person to person.

Some couples are not taking preventive measures, and some young people who are in love are not married first. They are afraid that ejaculation will face the other party’s pregnancy, and they will adopt an intermittent cross-linking method. They will come to an “emergency brake” to terminate the sexual intercourse.

Some want to extend the time of sexual intercourse, so, interrupt the time of sexual intercourse, and then wait for the ejaculation to subside, then “re-emerge”, and then conduct sexual intercourse, hoping to extend the time of sexual intercourse through this method, so that both husband and wife can obtain sexual gratification.

  In fact, intermittent sexual intercourse has a consensus on both sides, not only will not prolong life, on the contrary, it is harmful to both the mind and body of both men and women.

Physiologically, the interstitial cross-linking of the entire reproductive system and pelvic congestion can not quickly resolve, the brain’s anti-stratum and spinal cord are still in a state of tension and can not be calm, the seminal vesicles and other accessory glands are not empty.

At the same time, people are still excited and can’t get a good rest.

It is psychologically certain that sexual desire cannot be satisfied.

In addition, when there is a feeling of ejaculation and it is forbearable, there will be some kind of semen discharged from the urethra and it will be pre-existing, which will inevitably rule out the possibility of absolutely not pregnant.

The woman believes that intermittent sexual intercourse is difficult to satisfy their sexual desires, and that the husband is selfish and then becomes bored.

Moreover, frequent intermittent sexual intercourse causes the female pelvic cavity to gradually become congested, leading to low back pain, backache, abdominal pain and poor sleep.

  For men, frequent intermittent cross-linking causes impotence, ejaculation abnormalities, aseptic prostatitis, blood and spermatorrhea.

The reason is: Sudden interruption of sexual intercourse can only end the action of sexual life, while sexual central nervous activity and sexual organs are still in excitement, in the state of congestion, emotional excitement and tension.

The release of these nerve reflex arcs and the remission of sexual organ excitement are far less rapid after ejaculation, thus increasing the burden on the sexual nervous system and sexual organs.

Over time, it is easy to induce the occurrence of impotence.

Ejaculation is often suppressed, which will affect the ejaculation function, resulting in abnormalities such as ejaculation time delay, ejaculation, and even ejaculation.

In addition, sudden interruption of sexual intercourse, prolonged regression of sexual organ congestion, prolonged seminal vesicle expansion, rupture and rupture of capillaries on the wall of the seminal vesicle, resulting in the occurrence of hemorrhagic disease.

After normal sexual intercourse, the penis is weak and the blood in the penis is reduced by 50-60% in a few minutes.

After 10-20 minutes, the blood flow in the penis returned to normal.

If intermittent sexual intercourse, the speed of blood flow recovery in the sexual organs slows down, the prostate and seminal vesicle overlap are in a state of congestion, so prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis are prone to occur.

As a result of nocturnal emission, it has been said before that during sexual excitement, semen accumulates in a small enclosed space between the bladder sphincter and the urethral sphincter, and is discharged only when the orgasm is high.

After intermittent sexual intercourse, these semen “have no way to go” and are excreted by spermatorrhea.

Intermittent one-time delivery, will be spermatorrhea once; often interrupted, often nocturnal emission.

  Since it is a normal sexual life between couples, you should go with the flow and not violate the laws of physiology.

It is even more undesirable if you want to live longer through intermittent sexual intercourse.

Number of Ziyin diets for oral ulcers

Number of Ziyin diets for oral ulcers

[Wu Mei Shengdi Mung Bean Cake]Recipe: 50 grams of ume, 30 grams of habitat, 500 grams of mung beans, 250 grams of bean paste.

  Method: Soak black plum in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove and cut into small dices or slices.

Shred the ground and mix well with the ume.

After the mung bean is scalded with boiling water, put it in the pan and wipe it off the skin, and rinse it with water.

Put the mung beans in a bowl, steam in a steamer for 3 hours, remove them after they are thoroughly crisped, remove the water, and rub the mung bean paste on the sieve.

Put a special wooden frame on the chopping board, lined with a piece of white paper, put half of the mung bean paste first, spread evenly, remove the ume, the habitat, and a layer of red bean paste in the middle, and then spread the remaining mung bean paste.Finally sprinkle white sugar on the surface.

Cut the cake into small cubes.

  Efficacy: Ziyin heat, detoxification and sore.

  Usage: Eat as a snack.

  [Birthplace Green Plum Drink]Recipe: 15g of raw ground, 10g of Dendrobium, 2g of licorice, 30g of green plum.

  Method: Add raw water, dendrobium, licorice and green plum to the right amount, cook for 20 minutes, remove residue and juice.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and clearing heat, reducing fire and sore.

  Dosage: Take 1 dose daily, 2-3 times a day, for several days.

  [Langdi Lianxin Decoction]Recipe: 9g of raw land, 6g of lotus seed heart, 6g of licorice root.

  Method: Add water to the three, fry them together, remove the residue and juice.

  Effect: nourishing yin and clearing heat.

  Usage: 1 dose daily for several days.

  [Lianzi licorice tea]Recipe: 15 grams of lotus seeds, 2 grams of licorice, 5 grams of green tea leaves.

  Method: Add the above together into the tea cup, and immerse it in boiling water.

  Efficacy: Qingxin to relieve heat.

  Usage: frequent drink on behalf of tea.

  [Bamboo Leaf and Mushroom Mung Bean Porridge]Recipe: 10 grams of light bamboo leaves, gram of grass, and licorice.

5 grams, 30 grams of mung beans, 150 grams previously.

  Method: Chop light bamboo leaves, grass, and licorice into pieces, fill them in gauze bags, add water with mung beans and rice for 30 minutes, and cook with low heat to make porridge.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and purging fire, detoxifying and sore.

  Usage: morning and evening.

  [Fresh radish drink]Recipe: Several raw radishes, 500 grams of fresh radish.

  System of law: the above two smashed to take juice.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and removing annoyance, refreshing and quenching thirst.

  Usage: gargle.

Several times a day for 3 consecutive days.

  [Lianxin Zhizi Licorice Tea]Recipe: 3 grams of lotus seeds, 9 grams of gardenia, 6 grams of licorice.

  System of law: The above things are immersed in boiling water.

  Effect: Qingxin Xiehuo.

  Usage: 1 dose per day, frequent drinking on behalf of tea, can be used in combination with 3 doses.

  [Dizhuo Bamboo Leaf Drink]Recipe: 15 grams of raw land, 9 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 15 grams of light bamboo leaves, and moderate sugar

  System of law: the first three flavors add water to fry the soup, add sugar.

  Effect: Qingxin Xiehuo.  Usage: 1 dose daily, add 2 times, or drink frequently on behalf of tea.

How to get rid of mental fatigue for college entrance exam candidates

How to get rid of mental fatigue for college entrance exam candidates

At present, senior high school graduates across the country are in the pre-test sprint stage. These students feel pressured to varying degrees during the intensive review. Nearly half of the students will feel powerless and show physical fatigue.

  The so-called psychological fatigue refers to the psychological phenomenon caused by the depression of the cerebral cortex caused by psychological factors.

The reason why psychological fatigue occurs is basically the intervention of some rhythmic movement laws of human physical strength, intelligence and emotion.

When the three rhythms have a trough of exercise, one has physical or psychological fatigue.

  How to eliminate psychological fatigue? First of all, it is necessary to treat public opinion correctly, clarify the goals of struggle, and stimulate self-confidence.

Students should decompose their individual struggling goals according to their actual situation, motivate themselves with small achievements, so as to enhance learning interest, restore self-confidence, use scientific review methods, and improve learning efficiency.

Get rid of physical fatigue in a pleasant situation and learn each course well.

It is necessary to improve nutrition, ensure sleep, properly carry out cultural and sports activities, and achieve a combination of work and rest.

  Students who are introverted, lack self-confidence, alienate the collective, and ignore interpersonal communication are prone to depression and psychological fatigue when encountering difficulties.

Therefore, in the daily learning life, we must strive to be “victoryless”, “defeated”, understand “failure is the mother of success”, and cultivate a strong will and tenacity.

Form a cheerful, confident, enthusiastic and helpful personality, actively care about and participate in class collective activities, and establish a harmonious relationship between teachers and students.And a healthy mind to meet the challenge of the college entrance examination.

Breathing guidance when practicing yoga poses

Breathing guidance when practicing yoga poses

Unless there are special circumstances, you usually breathe through your nose and your lips are slightly closed.

Nose hair in the nostrils can be filtered before the air enters the lungs, warming and moisturizing the air.

  Each inhalation and exhalation is soothed and even.

  The expiration time is slightly longer than the inhalation time (if there is no medical contraindication), which is conducive to relaxation, which is often used in breathing exercises.

  Breathing is required at the beginning and end of the exercise, as is the connection between movements.

  The number of breaths can be used to calculate the time for certain postures, such as 6 breaths.

  Practicing a certain set of yoga postures, such as the worship of the sun, if you want to speed up the practice, you must also speed up your breathing, but pay attention to the connection between breathing and movement.

Correct posture requires correct breathing, so as to ensure smooth breathing and make lateral movement as far as possible to replace.

During a complete deep breath, the laterally spreading ascending and descending movements will stimulate the lymphatic system, thereby entering the role of toxins in the body and strengthening the function of the immune system (the lymph nodes neutralize and filter some harmful organic substances replaced by dialysis).

  To make the supplementary movement of the transverse crack, first inhale, fill the upper abdomen and chest cavity with air, and feel the bulging feeling before and after the chest cavity.

This rich lung capacity method allows the lungs to absorb more air.

  Exhale, relax your chest and let the air out of your lungs, and contract your abdominal muscles at the end of your exhalation.

  The contraction of the abdominal muscles causes the transverse fracture to move upwards, compressing the lungs to expel more gas.

  The art of breathing control uses multiple techniques to practice breathing 6 times?
20 rounds (one breath for one round).

Unless otherwise noted, you can sit in a comfortable position or lie down in a corpse when breathing.

Pick 1 for each practice?
3 techniques.