[How to make Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg]_ Common practice of Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg _ Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg Daquan _ Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg method

[How to make Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg]_ Common practice of Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg _ Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg Daquan _ Japanese tofu shrimp steamed egg method

We can have a healthier body if we eat well, but many people ignore this now. They often wait until the disease occurs before eating. In fact, the method of steaming eggs with Japanese tofu shrimp is simple and delicious.In just one step, you can let yourself and your family taste the food and ensure your health. Why not?

1. Prepare the required ingredients 2. Slice the tofu; thaw the shrimps and wash them for future use 3. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add half a spoonful of salt, beat them thoroughly, then pour in an appropriate amount of warm water, add a little oil 4, and boil the waterPut the egg liquid in and steam for about 10 minutes. 5 At this time, the egg liquid has solidified. 6 Next, put the tofu on the egg, and then place the shrimp on the tofu. For the sake of beauty, I also sprinkle some carrot seeds.Continue for about 7 minutes for 5 minutes. After the shrimp turns red for 2 minutes, take out 8 and pour a spoonful of steamed fish stew oil and sesame oil. Sprinkle with spring onion and you can start eating.

By introducing the method of steaming eggs with tofu and shrimp that is not serious in Japan, even you who are just learning to cook can make it well. As for the taste of the dish is not important.

[How to make two-color bean paste cold cake]_Home-made method of two-color bean paste cold cake_How to make two-color bean paste cold cake_How to make two-color bean paste cold cake

[How to make two-color bean paste cold cake]_Home-made method of two-color bean paste cold cake_How to make two-color bean paste cold cake_How to make two-color bean paste cold cake

We all call him “food”. Of course, food is loyal to food. Many food enthusiasts enjoy eating and praise the people who make these foods, so that those who make food feel a long-lost pleasureToday, I will introduce the practice of two-color bean paste cold cake to everyone, let you experience and enjoy the joy after success again!


Half a catty of mung beans (you can make a large box in the picture, according to the amount you want) After cleaning it, soak it in water for two hours, the amount of water is one half of the index finger knuckles of the beans; after soaking, pour into the pressure cookerIn the middle, do not cover the lid first, the fire is high, wait for the water to boil off the foam, then fasten the lid, put the ring valve, and turn to medium heat for 15 minutes after the valve rings 2.

After waiting for a few minutes, open the lid and prepare a pot with a fine mesh drain on it. Pour the cooked red beans into the sand net several times and use a spoon to grind out the fine sand 3.

Soak agar (10g) with boiled mung bean water. After the agar is soaked, pour water into a pot, add ground bean paste, sugar (about 40g, suitable for personal taste), sugar osmanthus 2Small spoon (can be put or not, the degree of coagulation is not good after being put, but the flavor is different; the red beans are not put) cook on low heat until the agar and sugar are completely melted, pour into a sealable box, and let coolThen put it in the refrigerator for several hours. After it freezes, take it out and cut it into pieces. Eat the two-color bean paste cold cake. I have already introduced it. I wonder if you already understand it?

Take a step back and read it a few times, and you will definitely be able to master it.

And after mastering, all you need is to put into action, because the food is made during exercise.

[How to recycle old brine]_How to use_How to use

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Tianmu Lake (603136): Partial upgrade with good 19-year performance growth opens up room for growth

Tianmu Lake (603136): Partial upgrade with good 19-year performance growth opens up room for growth

The company released a 19-year performance report, and its performance has grown beautifully.

The company released a 19-year performance report and gradually realized revenue5.

0 ppm, a 10-year increase of 2.

8%, net profit attributable to mother and net profit after deduction are 1, respectively.

2.4 billion and 1.

2.2 billion, an increase of 19 each year.

9% and 29.


Mainly benefited from the increase in gross profit margin and the decrease in financial expenses.

Among them, Q4’s single quarter revenue / deducted non-post net profit was 1.

2 ppm / 8.93 million yuan, down 4 each year.

7% and an increase of 184.


The issuance 合肥夜网 of convertible bonds passed the review, and the upgrading and transformation of the scenic spot proceeded steadily.

In March 19, the company issued an announcement, intending to issue 300 million yuan of convertible bonds to raise funds; in April, the company issued an announcement to adjust the use of the raised funds to Nanshan Xiaozhai Phase II project and Yushui Hot Spring (Phase I) renovation and renovation project, the investment scales were respectivelyFor 26492.

0 million and 6911.

90,000 yuan, it is planned to use raised funds2.

400 million and 0.

600 million.

According to the company’s announcement, the construction period of the second phase of Nanshan Xiaozhai is two years, with the core content of hotels and restaurants and construction area.

40,000 square meters.

At the same time, it is equipped 成都桑拿网 with indoor characteristic workshops, exhibition halls, academies, tea houses, small theaters, etc., with a construction area of 5000 square meters; as well as illuminated light shows, homestay squares and streets.

Nanshan Xiaozhai Hotel adopts a direct operation model to improve the company’s Nanshan Zhuhai hotel layout, mainly to complement mid-to-high-end hotel products; at the same time, rich tourism projects extend the stay of tourists and increase per capita consumption.

Except for hotels, other cultural attractions can be opened for free, which is expected to effectively attract tourists to visit and guide the hotel business.

The construction period of Yushui Hot Spring Decoration and Reconstruction Project is one year, mainly for hotel renovation and renovation.

In July 19, convertible bonds passed the meeting, and the upgrading and transformation of scenic spots is expected to advance steadily as planned.

In 18 years, Nanshan Bamboo Seaview Area and Yushui Hot Spring Scenic Area received 101 visitors.

70,000 and 30.

60,000 people, an increase of 4 each year.

9% and 4.


After the transformation and upgrading are completed, it will help to increase the number of tourists and increase per capita consumption.

Investment Advice.

The company’s 19-year performance has grown beautifully, and the company’s convertible bonds have passed in July. With the support of funds, local transformation and upgrading are expected to proceed.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in the years 19-21 will be 1.

2.4 billion, 1.

4.5 billion and 1.

69 ppm, corresponding EPS is 1.07, 1.

25, 1.

46 yuan / share.

The average P / E of a comparable company in 2020 is estimated to be 18 times. Considering that the company, as a private place operator, has the advantages of strong market sensitivity and high management efficiency, the surrounding area and its volume are also high enough.

We are optimistic about the company’s previous secondary development potential and the performance boost brought by subsequent fixed-increasing projects.

Give the company a 25x P / E estimate for 2020, a reasonable value of 31.

25 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

risk warning.

The progress of the upgrading and upgrading of the scenic spots was worse than expected; natural disasters; and market competition intensified.

CRRC (601766) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance in line with expectations is expected to usher in accelerated growth

CRRC (601766) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance in line with expectations is expected to usher in accelerated growth

The company’s operations are stable, and quality improvement and efficiency continue to be realized.

The railway industry is expected to continue its boom, and the market after maintenance is expected to become a new growth highlight.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Performance was in line with expectations, and operating efficiency continued to improve.

The company achieved operating income of 2190 in 2018.

8.3 billion, an increase of 3.

82%, net profit attributable to mother 113.

0.5 billion, an increase of 4.

76%, combined EPS 0.

39 yuan.

From the perspective of income structure, the operating income of railway equipment business, urban rail and urban infrastructure business, new industry business and modern service business were 1,205 respectively.

71, 347.

61, 497.

00 and 140.

51 ppm, a ten-year growth rate of 11.

46%, 3.

52%, -7.

71% and -8.

84%, non-core business contracted properly.

Sales, management, R & D and financial expenses accounted for 15 of the total revenue.

22%, compared with 15 of the previous year.

35% is continuously optimized, and the estimated cost rate through the consolidation of the truck and locomotive sectors will further improve the space.

Reported total company gross margin 22.

16%, a decline of 0 every year.

52 pcts, the main reason is related to the product delivery structure.

The report estimates that the company’s new budget order is 3049 trillion, of which 430 trillion are international orders, and 2327 trillion are in hand at the end of the period, of which 829 trillion are international orders.

The growth of railway equipment is accelerating, and the market after maintenance is expected to become a new bright spot.

Reported that the revenue of railway equipment business of Tier 1 companies increased by 11.

46% to 1205.

7.1 billion, including machine, passenger, mobile and truck revenues of 261.

39, 74.

30, 667.

26 and 202.

76 trillion, each year +11.

53% / + 43.

33% / + 15.

96% /-7.

88%.The company’s motor vehicle delivery has passed the trough of 2017, and passenger cars have benefited from the growth of power-concentrated product delivery as scheduled, while locomotives and trucks have continued the boom in transit iron demand.

We expect that the number of tenders for motor vehicles will remain 300-350 in 2019. The company announced in 19Q1 that it had issued 29.6 billion high-level revision orders. The scale of this project is significantly higher than in previous years, confirming that motor vehicles have entered the overhaul cycle, and supplemented the demand for locomotive and bus maintenance.

The “transit railway” will still ensure implementation, and the growth of urban rail business is clear.

By 2020, the plan to raise the national railway freight volume to 4.8 billion tons will still start to support the demand for locomotives and trucks. It is estimated that the number of locomotives and trucks will gradually be bidding or exceed 800 and 60,000.

The urban rail subway tender 18H1 was dragged down by the tightening of the industry, and the approval of the 18H2 subway project was accelerated. It is expected that the subway tender in 2019 will return to the scale of more than 8,000 vehicles. The company has full orders in hand. Under the background of the peak subway mileage in 2019-20, the cityThe revenue of the rail sector is still highly certain.

risk 上海夜网论坛 warning.


EMU bidding, urban rail construction was less than expected.


Overseas orders were delivered less than expected.

Profit forecast and estimation.

The company’s demand for motor vehicles is sustainable, and the market after maintenance is expected to constitute a new growth bright spot. The purchase of locomotives and trucks is expected to benefit from the “transit to iron” support, and the prosperity of the urban rail during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period is guaranteed. At the same time, the company continues to promote quality and efficiency, Bring profit margin in the long run.

Maintain the company’s 132 in 2019-2020.

06, 148.

Net profit forecast of 7.4 billion, an increase of 164 in 2021.

73 trillion, corresponding to EPS are 0.

46, 0.

52, 0.

57 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Starnet Ruijie (002396) Quarterly Report Comment: Profitability is further enhanced and autonomous and controllable + cloud computing has broad growth space

Starnet Ruijie (002396) Quarterly Report Comment: Profitability is further enhanced and autonomous and controllable + cloud computing has broad growth space

Event: The company released three quarterly reports, with revenue of 59 in the first three quarters of 2019.

9.3 billion, down 3 a year.

11%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.

35%; deduct non-net profit 4.

34 ppm, a 37-year increase.


The deduction of non-net profit increased by 37%, the business structure continued to be optimized, and the profitability improved significantly. The company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 decreased by ten years.

11%, similar to the disclosure in the interim report was mainly due to the company’s optimization of business structure, low-margin business has been reduced.

The company’s net profit attributable to its mother in the first three quarters4.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.

35%, which is the median in the Air Force’s forecast interval.

However, deducting non-net profit4.

USD 300 million, an annual growth rate of 37%, reflecting the company’s endogenous rapid growth momentum.

The company’s investment income in the first three quarters of 19 was 26 million yuan, compared with 1 in the same period last year.

2 ppm (part of the proceeds from the disposal of its Kemi network equity).

Just look at 19Q3 net profit 3.

200 million, an increase of 13% in ten years.

According to the past years, the company’s Q4 and Q3 net profit volume is similar, but last year Q3 was large (2.

800 million), Q4 small (1.

7.9 billion).

Assuming 19Q4 performance is comparable to 19Q3, the company’s 19-year performance is expected to reach $ 800 million.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2019 was 37.

6%, an increase of 6 per year.

97 points, reflecting the optimization of the company’s business structure and continued improvement in profitability, and it is expected that future trends are expected to continue (gross margin of 28 in 19Q1).

6%, 38 in the second quarter.

3%, Q3 is 42.

4%, continuous improvement from the previous quarter), and profitability has been further improved.

The direct beneficiaries of the wave of “network cloudification and edge computing” have opened up the company’s future growth space. The company is one of the leading domestic ICT application solution providers and one of the enterprise network equipment leaders.

The company’s operating style has always been stable, and its revenue and profits have continued to increase over the past eleven years, with a compound growth rate of revenue from 2007 to 201819.

8%; From 2007 to 2018, the compound growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers reached 22.


We believe that the network equipment that is beneficial to the company is de-IOEized and imported alternatives, and the logic is still continuing and deepening, especially cloud desktop security and controllable products are expected to open up new space in the future; alternatives, company products and solutions are expected to achieveNew directions such as network cloudification, SDN, and edge computing continue to expand and gradually enter the harvest period.

Profit forecast and 青岛夜网 investment advice: The company is one of the leading enterprises in enterprise network equipment. The logic of de-IOE and import substitution is still continuously strengthened, and it will benefit significantly from the construction of network cloudification / edge computing in the future. In addition, the cloud desktop business has good growth.Safe and reliable products are expected to open up new growth space, and the growth of various business lines is good. At the same time, the business structure is continuously optimized, and it is expected that profitability will continue to increase in the future.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 7.

3 billion, 9.

300 million and 11.

500 million US dollars, corresponding to 24 times PE in 19, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Sino-US trade war leads to decline in sales of US products, new business expansion is less than expected, upstream raw material prices rise, fierce market competition, and other risks

Hudian shares (002463) 2019 semi-annual report review: product structure optimization boosts profitability

Hudian shares (002463) 2019 semi-annual report review: product structure optimization boosts profitability

Company dynamics The company released its 2019 Interim Report on August 13, which disclosed the company’s operating income for the period31.

2 ten percent, an annual increase of 26.

7%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers4.

50,000 yuan, an annual increase of 168.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

8 percent, an increase of 143 per year.


At the same time, the company gave the first three quarters of performance indicators as net profit attributable to mothers increased by 108 per year.

76% -134.


Topic review Product structure optimization boosts company performance The company’s PCB products are mainly targeted at communication networks and automobiles. Downstream customers include communications equipment vendors Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson and Nokia, data center server supplier Cisco, automotive electronics supplier Bosch, Continental Electronics, etc.

In the first half of this year, the company’s communication PCB product revenue was 21.

100 million, accounting for 67% of revenue.

5%, an increase of 36 per year.


Communication PCB business gross margin 31.

9%, an increase of 9 a year.

74pct, mainly benefited from the 北京桑拿洗浴保健 company’s increase in the proportion of high-end products facing the data center server market and the communications network field.

Auto plate business revenue 6.

5.9 billion, with revenue accounting for 21.

1%, down 2 every year.


Gross profit margin of auto plate business 24.

88%, a slight increase of one year.

93 points.

The slight decline in the automotive electronics business is related to the weaker market sentiment in the first half of the year.

From the perspective of subsidiaries, Huangshi Hushi’s net profit in the first half of the year was zero.

25 trillion, expected last year 0.

1.3 billion.

At present, the total output value of Huangshi Hushi is at 60 million yuan / month. The products are mainly for the communication field. The second phase will be mainly automotive panels.

The third phase will further expand production according to the demand for 5G orders.

Huli Microelectronics mainly targets automotive PCB products with net profit1.

0 trillion, an increase of 877 compared to last year.

70,000 yuan.

On the whole, the contribution of the company’s performance growth in the first half of the year mainly comes from the Kunshan Qingye Factory, and Huangshi Hushi’s growth space will break through in the future.

Significant optimization of financial indicators In terms of profitability, the company’s gross profit margin is 29.

2%, an increase of 7 per year.

7pct; period expense rate 10.2%, a year to raise 0.

7 points; net interest rate 15.

3%, an increase of 7 per year.

3 points.

The improvement of the company’s profitability mainly benefited from the optimization of product structure.

From the perspective of operating capacity, the company’s inventory turnover days were 74 last year.

8 rose to 97.

7. The data improvement indicates that the company has prepared capacity for 5G commercial use.

Accounts receivable turnover days were 93 from the same period last year.

5 dropped to 85 this year.

0, we think it is related to the phased change in customer structure caused by the Sino-US trade disturbance in the first half of the year.

From the perspective of asset structure and debt repayment ability, the company’s asset-liability ratio is 41.

2%, 0 per year.

4pct, current ratio and quick ratio are 1 respectively.

7 and 1.

2. The year is basically the same.

Earnings forecast and estimation Because the company’s product structure optimization drives the performance beyond expectations, combined with the company’s performance indicators, we increase the company’s performance: It is expected that the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 will be 71.

800 million, 94.

400 million, 122.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

58%, 31.

55% and 29.

58%; net profit attributable to mothers is 12.

100 million, 17.

0 ppm and 21.

6 ppm, with annual growth of 111.

7%, 40.

8% and 27.

2%; EPS are 0.

70, 0.

99 and 1.

2.5 billion; corresponding PE is 28X, 20X and 16X.

In the next six months, it will be upgraded to the “overweight” level.

Alternative recommendations for infants and young children at all stages

Alternative recommendations for infants and young children at all stages

Before 6 months1, mothers stopped breastfeeding at least 6 months later.

  2. The baby usually starts to add supplementary food at 4-6 months.

  3. If it is time for the baby to eat complementary food, he will show dissatisfaction with dairy products. If he sleeps until dawn, he will often wake up hungry.

  4. If the mother adds supplementary food to the baby at 6 months or later, some babies will have difficulty chewing and swallowing the food.

  5, the best complementary food can choose children’s rice noodles, mashed potatoes, carrot puree, pear puree, apple puree, banana puree and so on.

  6, if the complementary food is too dry and hard, add cold water or dairy products that children usually eat.

  Before 7 or 6 months, don’t give him gluten-rich things, such as barley, wheat, oats, etc.

  8. If you are feeding from a bottle, always clean and sterilize the bottle, because breast milk or milk is a breeding ground for bacteria.

  9. If you make food and put it in the refrigerator for later use, remember to mark the date of preparation and do not leave it for too long.

  10. If you take out the contents of the refrigerator and thaw it for your baby, don’t put the leftovers back for the next time.

  11. If you give your baby thawed food, be sure to re-cook it or heat it in a microwave oven, and then cool it to your baby.

  12. Before feeding your baby, be sure to try the temperature of the food yourself.

  13. Try to talk to your baby, encourage him to swallow food, make sure that he feels comfortable and relaxed while eating, and let him eat at his own pace.

  14. Be patient. Don’t worry too much if your baby refuses solid food at first.

You can continue to try tomorrow.

  15. Baby should learn how to push food to the back of his mouth with his tongue.

So if he messes up while eating, don’t worry, everything will be fine.

  16. Try to feed your baby at the same time every day so that the baby will gradually develop a habit.

  17. Let your baby have his own spoon, so he will try to eat by himself.

Of course, throughout the process, you need to help him with your tune.

  18. In six or seven months, your baby will grow the first tooth and grow out through the teeth. You can let him try crude fiber food.

  19. When the baby can hold his head and sit upright, you can choose a suitable baby chair for him, be careful not to let the chair close to the side, otherwise the baby’s head may hit the wooden board.

  20. When the baby is eating, do not leave him alone.

Move his chair to the table and let him eat with the whole family.

  6-12 months your baby starts to like to eat by himself, let him use the spoon, don’t worry about making the table full.

  21. Before your baby is 12 months old, do not add salt to his food, because salt will burden his kidneys and may cause dehydration.

  22. Between 6 and 12 months, your baby should drink 500ml-600ml of breast milk or formula every day.

  23. Your baby has learned to crawl, so he needs more nutritious food to provide physical strength, particles, cereals, fruits, etc.

  24. Don’t worry about mixing sweet and salty. Many babies like this flavor. Fruits and chicken are the favorite flavor of many babies.

  25. Let the baby try to eat some snacks, which can make him learn to eat again.

If he is teething, he will definitely prefer to grab and eat with his hand instead of using spoons.

  26. Snacks should help your baby grab it by hand, but it should be soft enough to chew and swallow.

  27. Give the baby a small bowl with a suction pad so that the bowl is fixed on the table and won’t move.

  28. The frozen vegetables or fruits in the refrigerator are suitable for chewing babies. You can try frozen peeled gherkins or bananas.

  29. If every time you feed your baby a complementary food, he will not look hungry, he can reduce the absorption of dairy products and absorb nutrients from solid food.

  30. If the baby feels thirsty between meals, give him water or the milk he usually drinks, and leave the replacement juice for him during the meal.

  31. Give your baby cold water. Bottled or canned mineral water may contain high levels of mineral salts.

  32. Try to give your baby freshly squeezed fruit juice, and avoid bottled fruit juices for sale, because the sugar and acid contained in the fruit juice will damage the baby’s teeth.Cut down on all juices, because natural sugars can cause dental caries for children of this age, and the replacement ratio should be one serving of fruit juice and five parts of water.

  33. When your baby is about one year old, try to let him quit the bottle and replace it with two handle cups or a special training cup.

  34. Don’t trust reports that say that honey and fructose are “healthy sugars”. These will damage your baby’s teeth.

After your baby eats these things, you should clean his teeth with a soft toothbrush or a clean cloth.

  At this stage of 12-18 months, the baby’s growth rate will slow down and appetite will weaken. If he eats less than before, the mother need not worry at all.

  35. Now, you should cultivate his good eating habits.

It is best to eat 5 meals a day. Fruits and vegetables are essential. Breakfast includes a fruit. Vegetables are required for lunch and dinner.

  36. If your baby does not like to eat cooked vegetables, you can try to give him raw carrots or cucumbers.

  37. When you are cooking vegetables, you should know that the steamed vegetables taste better than the cooked ones, while retaining more nutrients.

  38. If there is no way to get your baby to accept vegetables, try cutting the vegetables into small pieces and mixing them in rice or sauce.

  39. If you let your baby participate with your family, remember that he needs more calories and aunt than an adult.

  40. Generally, the darker the color of fruits and vegetables, the nutritional value of them can be changed. You can choose according to this principle.

  Babies from the age of 18 months to 2 years old have an idea and decide what they like or not, so try to provide him with a wealth of food choices, so that the baby will not become a problem for you.

  41. If the baby does not want to eat, take the food away instead of forcing him to eat.

  42. Give your baby healthy snacks and keep him away from chocolate, potato chips, and jelly.

  43. If you don’t want your baby to eat junk food, you must first have healthy eating habits yourself.

  44. Eat sugary foods only during meals, because eating other foods at the same time can replace acidity and reduce sugar’s corrosion of teeth.

  45. It’s time to let your baby come into contact with new food, which can effectively prevent partial eclipse.

If he does n’t want to eat, do n’t give up the mother, more attempts will be successful.

  46. In order to let your baby eat new food, try using a game.

Cover your baby’s eyes, give him something to eat, and let him guess what he’s eating.

Babies may like this method.

  47. Excessive food is likely to make the baby have no appetite, so try to make the food in small portions, and give one after you finish.

  48. If he doesn’t want to eat certain food, don’t force him to eat immediately, try again later.

  49. Make your baby’s recipes rich and varied, and avoid him from eating because he is tired.

  50. Try to give him full-fat foods. Baby should not drink low-fat milk until at least 2 years old.

  At the age of 2-3, your baby will be happy to work with you in the kitchen.

  51. Let your baby cook with you, which can increase his interest in eating.

  52, if he tells you that he is hungry, it is best to let him eat immediately, because the baby is likely to be attracted by other things while waiting, and lose his interest in eating.

  53, you can start to give him some high-fiber starch, some potatoes, black rice, etc., but not too much, the baby’s belly is easy to fill up.

  54. Avoid eating grilled food, it is best to cook or process food in a microwave oven.

  55. If your baby loves cream, just apply a thin layer of bread and don’t give him too much.

  56, limit the baby to eat sweets, so that the baby’s probability of caries is much smaller.

  57. When preparing food, it satisfactorily meets children’s preferences.

For example, you can try to make vegetables colorful, and children will naturally have an appetite.

  58. When buying fruits or vegetables, let the baby make his own choice, and the baby will certainly be more willing to eat what he chooses.

Dry cough can be treated like this

Dry cough can be treated like this

After the beginning of autumn, the weather is getting colder, and the air is dry and airy, which may easily cause respiratory diseases, especially cough.

The symptoms of dry cough are more than dry cough, no sputum or less sputum, sputum is difficult to come out, bloody sputum, accompanied by dry mouth and sore throat, itchy throat, hoarse voice, red tongue and less.

Recommend several food treatment methods to help clear dry cough, middle-aged and elderly, patients with acute and chronic bronchitis, etc. do not hinder a try.

  Ginger tea: Wash and cut 10 slices of ginger, 7 grams of tea, and cook into juice for serving.

It can relieve sweat, relieve lungs and quench thirst, and is quite effective for influenza and cough.

  Cane juice porridge: 500 grams of fresh sugar cane, peeled and squeezed for use, take 50 grams of previous rice, cook into porridge and cash in 60 milliliters of cane juice, then boil over low heat once, mix and serve.

  Honey radish juice: 400 grams of white radish, washed, peeled and chopped, wrapped in clean gauze and squeezed out juice, take 60 ml each time and add one spoon of honey, mix and swallow, three times a day, even for 3-5 days.

My side benefits better for constipation.

  Almond stewed Sydney: Take 15 grams of sweet almonds, peel and break them. Wash and peel 1 slice of Sydney, put it in the same bowl, add 20 grams of rock sugar, put in an appropriate amount of water, and simmer in the pot for 30 minutes.Once a day, morning and evening, even for 3-5 days.

  Chuanbei stewed Sydney: Take 1 Sydney, wash it, cut it transversely, put 6 grams of Sichuan Chuanbei after pitting, then put the two petals together, fix with toothpick, put 20g of rock sugar in a bowl, put an appropriate amount of water, separateStew in water for 30 minutes, eat pears and soup, once a day, and even serve for 3-5 days.

  Fritillaria rock sugar juice: 5 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis ground powder, 20 grams of rock sugar are placed in the same bowl, add 150 ml of water, simmer for 20 minutes in water, once in the morning and evening, and even serve 3-5 times.

  Aged vinegar rock sugar juice: 100 grams of rock sugar mashed and put into a container, then pour 450 ml of vinegar, soak it for 3 days and melt it before taking it. You can take 15 ml each before breakfast and after dinner.The effect of phlegm elimination is the best.

Summer skin zero burden strategy


Summer skin zero burden strategy

Summer skin is always greasy and overburdened due to high temperature, ultraviolet rays, etc.

Want to make your skin rash?

It’s very simple. As long as you choose a cleansing product that suits you, and complete cleansing work, the skin can return to a moving posture and make you feel incredibly smooth and clean!

  Foam type: plump, delicate foam, gently removes dirt from the skin!

  The delicate touch of the foam increases the joy of washing your face.

The foam type is the most traditional facial cleansing product. Its gentle size will not damage the skin, and at the same time it will penetrate into the pores to play a cleaning effect.

Allows you to easily complete cleaning in a happy experience!

  1. Moisten the face before cleaning. The moist environment makes the foam of the cleansing products fuller, more delicate, and the cleaning effect is better.

  2. Understand how to use the product and use it as appropriate; rub the product with both hands to lather and let it play a perfect cleaning effect.

  3. Cover the facial skin evenly with foam; start from the middle of the face, massage gently in a circular motion to the cheeks, and clean the skin.

  4. The method of drawing circles helps the foam remove the dirt on the skin surface, and pay attention to clean every inch of skin on the face!

  5. The two volumes of the nose wing have strong secretion of grease, which easily accumulates dirt and blackheads and acne. Pay special attention when cleaning your face.

  6. After doing the circle massage, clean the face thoroughly with water. Pay special attention to the skin at the hairline.

  7, skin clean and radiant after cleansing.

Use a towel to gently wipe off the water on the skin. Do not rub it back and forth hardly to increase the burden on the skin.

  Recommended foaming cleansing milk: 1. The thickness of velvet-like cream can rub the foam, deep cleansing, purifying the skin and making the skin appear clean and powdery.

GUERLAINissima Refreshing Foaming Cleanser ¥ 280 / 150ml 2. The formula is soft and free of saponin, which can deeply clean the skin, promote the natural replacement of keratinized dead skin, and make the skin natural and powdery.

VICHY Brightening Vitality Cleansing Foam ¥ / 150ml 3, one of the famous CLINIQUE three steps, can effectively clean the skin and soften dead skin cells, preparing for the next cleansing of the cortex.

CLINIQUE Cleansing Soap ¥ 150/4, apply the foam on the face and massage for 20 seconds. The gentle and delicate foam can quickly penetrate into the pores, and the makeup removal and cleansing can be easily completed simultaneously.

SOFINA Cleansing Foam ¥ 210 / 150ml 5, the refreshing and pleasant lotion then forms a rich and nourishing foam, which removes dead skin and impurities while refreshing the skin.

ESTEELAUDER Refining Cleansing Milk ¥ 280 / 125ml 6 can remove makeup and deeply cleanse the skin.

And improve the blood circulation of fine blood vessels, regain healthy skin and natural luster.

CHANEL Brightening Cleansing Milk ¥ 320 / 150ml